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Beginners Guide To Cubiquity In Unreal
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Author:  Survival Games [ Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Beginners Guide To Cubiquity In Unreal

A Beginners Guide to Cubiquity In Unreal
This is what I have needed to find out just to get ready to try the Cubiquity plugin. Please correct me if Im wrong as this is meant to be filled out so that a step by step guide with a video can follow.

Step 1) You need UE4 V4.8.3
Step 2) You need Visual Studio 2013
Step 3) Copy the Plugin files to a new C++ first person template
Step 4) Create A Binaries Directory in the Plugin folder.

A word of warning if you have a newer version of VS installed when you install VS2013 you will get an error.

I need help here folks, do we just need the folder or are their files to go in it.? They are currently not included in the download source files.

Hope to have a video made soon once I get it working. Anything wrong please let me know.
Big thanks to the guys for making this available. :D

Sadly VS failed to build it and from the looks of the forum posts about the VS studio error it has way smarter people than me stumped. So sadly thats it folks. Hope the info is of help to someone.

Author:  David Williams [ Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beginners Guide To Cubiquity In Unreal

Hi, I wish I could help here, but although I was the main developer of the core Cubiquity library I was not involved with the Unreal integration (that was done by Matt). I don't think he is maintaining it at the moment because Cubiquity version 1 is no longer under active development and the focus has shifted to version 2 (hopefully with a preview in the coming months).

That said, I'm aware of an 'unofficial' support thread here, which might have some useful information for you: Cubiquity (v1) for Unreal Engine 4.14

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