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Author:  Geti [ Sun May 08, 2011 6:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself!

Hey, my name is Max Cahill (Geti is my alias just about everywhere on the web). I'm a flash coder looking to get into C++ dev and kind of smacking my head up against it, but no matter. I've been interested in voxels for a while, and procedural generation for longer. I'm primarily a 2D games programmer and artist, releasing games under the label of 1 Bar Design. That entire site was coded by me (not the underlying tech, which is PHP and HTTP, but everything else ;) )

This is the kind of thing I'm used to working on:

Hoping to get down and dirty with polyvox over the next few weeks and get into 3D procedural generation.

Author:  David Williams [ Sun May 08, 2011 5:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself!

Hey, looks good! Based on the art style it also looks like it could transition to voxels quite nicely :-) Actually that's the kind of thing I'm working on myself - trying to do retro style gameplay but in 3D and with voxels.

Also, I saw some work on voxels in Flash recently: http://pixelpaton.com/?p=3713

Well, good luck with PolyVox. Just let us know if you have any questions...

Author:  Geti [ Mon May 09, 2011 4:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself!

I'm mainly interested in voxels in terms of 3D because I'm fairly adept at pixel art, a little moreso than "conventional" raster art, so the transition to 3D should be smoother this way ;) here's hoping, anyway.

I finally managed to get the lib to compile, so if I can get it working in ogre within the half hour I have before I go off and tutor someone I'll be lucky but I'll have a crack at it :)

Author:  shd [ Wed Sep 07, 2011 7:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself!

I'm 23 years old ex-student who was fascinated in computers security.

Since half of 2010 I'm even more fascinated in computer games development, and i'm writing highly procedural 3d Online RPG (as opensource). Polyvox currently deals voxel part of it.

Author:  David Williams [ Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself!

Great, welcome aboard! We'll look forward to seeing what you produce :-)

Author:  Alexander Stanley [ Sun Oct 16, 2011 10:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself!

Hi, my name is Alexander Stanley -- as my username suggests ;) I'm from Sydney, Australia.

First I should concede that I'm a hobbyist, so while a lot of this feels beyond me, I've been toying around with voxels without the rendering component and it all makes a lot of sense to me.

I'm interested in PolyVox for two reasons: first, because it makes me reconsider Ogre3D (which I toyed with in 2004 and then ran screaming); and secondly because it seems to automate a lot of what I'm presently trying to do.

I've been lurking a bit and taken a couple of stabs at using PolyVox in Irrlicht and straight OpenGL and have had some limited success so far.

I fear, not being a programmer, that a lot of it is beyond me, but I'm interested in the discussions here more than PolyVox itself, but that's rapidly changing.

My current technique consists of a 16x16x16 chunk system, working out what's "outward-bound", throwing every vertex in sight into an array and praying that I've done it right. There are some optimisations to come in my own code, but more and more I feel like setting it aside to use PolyVox.

Author:  David Williams [ Fri Oct 21, 2011 9:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself!

Hi, it's good to hear of your interest, and sorry for the belated welcome but I was away for a few days.

We do have a couple of other people using Irrlicht/OpenGL so I'm sure you find some support. Though Ogre seems like the most popular choice at the moment, and it isn't so scary once you get into it ;-) Just fire away if you have any questions about PolyVox.

Author:  gavanw [ Tue Jan 17, 2012 4:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself!

Hi, my name is Gavan Woolery, I am 30 years old. I have lived all over California, but currently live in San Diego (also home to Sony, Rockstar, Nimblebit, and others). I have never professionally developed games, but I have been programming since I was 11 or 12, and using computers since I was 5 (I owned a Commadore 64! :D). My first 3D game engine I started in 2004, and had to end in 2006 due to getting a fulltime job. Since then I have worked on a few engines but mostly my time gets consumed by boring (but paid) work. Everything prior I did was with polygons (although the Genesis engine used marching cubes, if that counts for anything). I am currently building a voxel engine which can be tracked at http://www.gavanw.com. A preview of that:


Ultimately I want to create a sandbox / RPG type game, possibly turn-based or a realtime / TB hybrid.
I am very interested to see the progress on PolyVox, it already looks to be a solid engine, and I also like to discuss algorithms for those who care to. :)

Author:  David Williams [ Tue Jan 17, 2012 9:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself!

Hi Gavan,

I've seen your blog already of course but it's good to have you on the forums. I think you'll find that a lot of people here are interested in your work (those rocks look really cool).

The videos of your engine are also worth checking out for those who haven't seen them.

Author:  dmatics [ Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce yourself!

Greetings from California!

I currently work in finance, but went to school for computer science. It's been about 3 years since I've done any serious coding, and I'm feeling pretty rusty. Lately, I've been reviewing several of my undergraduate classes and textbooks in an effort to get myself back up to a competent level. But, I don't feel like coding the same projects over again for practice... so, enter PolyVox.

Voxel-based systems first caught my attention when I discovered Minecraft and Terraria. I particularly like how such game engines lend themselves well to sand-box style play, Lego-like creation, and endless, procedurally-generated worlds. Furthermore, I'm fascinated to learn about the underlying algorithms behind these systems-- what is the most efficient way to represent masses of voxels, to load them into memory, to store maps to disk, to render them, and how can multi-threading help with these tasks, etc... there's a lot for the novice programmer to learn!

I was drawn to PolyVox in particular because of how well-organized and readable the code is. Not to mention, the documentation is comprehensive and the community is great!

'Looking forward to hopefully contributing something in the future, though I expect it will take me a long while to catch up with everyone else. In the meanwhile, thank you all for so graciously sharing your work and allowing me to learn from it!


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