PolyVox  0.2.1
Open source voxel management library
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oNPolyVoxMain namespace
|oCArrayProvides an efficient implementation of a multidimensional array
|oCArray< 1, ElementType >
|oCArray< 0, ElementType >
|oCArraySizesProvide a convienient way to specify the dimensions of an Array
|oCAStarPathfinderParamsProvides a configuration for the AStarPathfinder
|oCAStarPathfinderThe AStarPathfinder compute a path from one point in the volume to another
|oCBaseVolumeThe BaseVolume class provides common functionality and an interface for other volume classes to implement
|oCCubicSurfaceExtractorThe CubicSurfaceExtractor creates a mesh in which each voxel appears to be rendered as a cube
|oCDefaultMarchingCubesControllerThis class provides a default implementation of a controller for the MarchingCubesSurfaceExtractor
|oCDensityThis class represents a voxel storing only a density
|oCDefaultMarchingCubesController< Density< Type > >This is a specialisation of DefaultMarchingCubesController for the Density voxel type
|oCSubArray< 1, ElementType >
|oCSubArray< 0, ElementType >
|oCLargeVolumeThe LargeVolume class provides a memory efficient method of storing voxel data while also allowing fast access and modification
|oCMaterialThis class represents a voxel storing only a material
|oCDefaultIsQuadNeeded< Material< Type > >
|oCMaterialDensityPairThis class represents a voxel storing only a density
|oCDefaultIsQuadNeeded< MaterialDensityPair< Type, NoOfMaterialBits, NoOfDensityBits > >
|oCDefaultMarchingCubesController< MaterialDensityPair< Type, NoOfMaterialBits, NoOfDensityBits > >
|oCMeshDecimatorThe MeshDecimator reduces the number of triangles in a mesh
|oCRegionRepresents a part of a Volume
|oCVectorRepresents a vector in space
|oCVolumeChangeTrackerVoxel scene manager
oCtemplate Sampler< LargeVolume< VoxelType > >
oCtemplate Sampler< RawVolume< VoxelType > >
\Ctemplate Sampler< SimpleVolume< VoxelType > >