Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
PolyVox::AmbientOcclusionCalculator< VolumeType, VoxelType >
PolyVox::Array< noOfDims, ElementType >Provides an efficient implementation of a multidimensional array
PolyVox::Array< 0, ElementType >
PolyVox::Array< 1, ElementType >
PolyVox::ArraySizesProvide a convienient way to specify the dimensions of an Array
PolyVox::AStarPathfinder< VolumeType, VoxelType >The AStarPathfinder compute a path from one point in the volume to another
PolyVox::AStarPathfinderParams< VolumeType, VoxelType >Provides a configuration for the AStarPathfinder
PolyVox::BaseVolume< VoxelType >
PolyVox::SimpleVolume< VoxelType >::Block
PolyVox::ConstVolumeProxy< VoxelType >
PolyVox::CubicSurfaceExtractor< VolumeType, VoxelType >
PolyVox::CubicSurfaceExtractorWithNormals< VolumeType, VoxelType >
PolyVox::Density< DensityType >This class represents a voxel storing only a density
PolyVox::IteratorController< IteratorType >
PolyVox::LargeVolume< VoxelType >
PolyVox::LargeVolume< VoxelType >::LoadedBlock
PolyVox::LowPassFilter< SrcVolumeType, DestVolumeType, VoxelType >
PolyVox::Material< MaterialType >This class represents a voxel storing only a material
PolyVox::MaterialDensityPair< Type, NoOfMaterialBits, NoOfDensityBits >This class represents a voxel storing only a density
PolyVox::MeshDecimator< VertexType >The MeshDecimator reduces the number of triangles in a mesh
PolyVox::RawVolume< VoxelType >
PolyVox::Raycast< VolumeType, VoxelType >The Raycast class can be used to find the fist filled voxel along a given path
PolyVox::RaycastResultStores the result of a raycast operation
PolyVox::RaycastWithCallback< VolumeType, VoxelType >
PolyVox::BaseVolume< VoxelType >::Sampler< DerivedVolumeType >
PolyVox::SimpleVolume< VoxelType >::Sampler
PolyVox::RawVolume< VoxelType >::Sampler
PolyVox::LargeVolume< VoxelType >::Sampler
PolyVox::SimpleVolume< VoxelType >
PolyVox::SurfaceExtractor< VolumeType, VoxelType >
PolyVox::SurfaceMesh< VertexType >
template Sampler< LargeVolume< VoxelType > >
template Sampler< RawVolume< VoxelType > >
template Sampler< SimpleVolume< VoxelType > >
PolyVox::Vector< Size, Type >Represents a vector in space
PolyVox::VolumeChangeTracker< VoxelType >Voxel scene manager
PolyVox::VolumeResampler< SrcVolumeType, DestVolumeType, VoxelType >