About Us

Volumes of Fun is an independent games development outfit run by David and Matt Williams. For a number of years we’ve been developing and promoting voxel technology in our spare time. Our PolyVox engine was released as open source in 2006, but it was only with the recent interest in voxel-based games (thanks Minecraft!) that we decided to actually produce a game ourself.

We both work full time so we are limited in terms of how much time we have to spend on this, but are very pleased with what we have managed to achieve so far. We really hope that our first game, Voxeliens, can be the start of something big. Please support us and follow us on our journey!

Name: David Williams
Role: Lead developer of PolyVox and Voxeliens
About: David is a post-doctorate researcher at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, where he is investigating GPU computing. Prior to this he worked in the games industry and wrote graphics/engine code for a number of PC/PS3/XBox titles. As well as making games he occasionally enjoys playing them, and also sometimes gets outside to do some photography.


Name: Matt Williams
Role: Support with development, website, and community
About: Matt is Computer Officer at the University of Birmingham in the UK, providing support and management of computing resources for Particle Physics research. Matt has a keen interest in open source technologies and processes and has contributed to a number of other projects over the years, most notably KDE. His technological interests range from GUI programming to build systems to high performance computing. He studied for his Ph.D. in Particle Physics at the University of Warwick in the UK.