Download PolyVox

Currently you need to build PolyVox from source code in order to use it. In the future we may provide a precompiled SDK but this is not currently available.

Getting the source code

You can download the latest version of PolyVox using one of the links below:

Older source archives are also available below if you need them. Note that it is more difficult for us to provide support for these:

Alternatively you can create a clone of our BitBucket repository using Git. At a command prompt you should enter:

git clone

The ‘master’ branch should always correspond to the last stable release, but the develop branch may break from time to time. You can get an idea of the current state of the ‘develop’ branch from our CDash page, where ideally everything will be green.

Installing PolyVox

For details of building and installing PolyVox you should consult the appropriate page in the manual. Please ask on the forums if you have any difficulty here.