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The blog’s pretty lively this week 🙂 Well there’s one more thing I thought might interest our PolyVox users. We were sent this on Twitter yesterday from someone we met at Develop (it was the first time we heard “Hey, you’re the PolyVox guys!”). It’s a video of PolyVox running on an iPad 2:

You can right click to watch the video on Vimeo, but I’ve reproduced the included information below:

“Met @VolumesOfFun at Develop, discovered they hadn’t tried their voxel meshing library on iOS, decided to spend an hour or two hacking something together to see how fast it ran. And then take a pretty shoddy video cap of it!

Mental note: buy an HDMI capture card.

30x20x30 voxels, constantly regenerating all 18k cells and resulting mesh; ran at 25-30hz on iPad2. (the voxel data generator was multithreaded, but PolyVox isn’t)”

Thanks for showing us this, and let us know if you do more PolyVox work in the future!

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